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Bupa Carewell




Caring for a friend or family member can often take its toll on you, especially when it is not your only job or responsibility in life. It can have a detrimental effect on your health and leave you without the energy or resources to give proper care.


That is why Bupa, in partnership with the Carers UK charity, developed Carewell. It’s a helpful online resource, full of personal tips and advice from carers,

to help you boost your energy levels and enable you to provide better care.



Before lauching the website, we were asked to create an identity for the Carewell initiative. We explored various ideas that represented 'caring well' or 'caring better' but in the end the idea of simple typography won the project. The blue represented the sky and the yellow-orange represented the sun – both complimented the idea of a fresh outlook like starting

a new day was what the brand wanted to convey.

A Carewell handbook was then designed to be handed out to Bupa patients and their carers, which proved very useful.


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